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Danger in the Air - Liner Notes

Robin Lynn Macy, one of the founding members of the Dixie Chicks, was active in the Dallas music scene long before the Chicks first played on that street corner in the West End. While teaching at St. Mark's School of Texas, a prestigous prep school for boys, she found time to help form a bluegrass group called Danger in the Air. The group self-published a couple of cassettes in the late '80s just before the Dixie Chicks formed. The members of Danger in the Air for both albums are:
  • Drew Garrett, Bass
  • Robin Lynn Macy, Guitar, Vocals
  • Andy Owens, Mandolin, Vocals
  • James McKinney, Banjo
  • Stephan Dudash, Fiddle, Vocals
On this page: Liner Notes for the self-titled release (1988) and Airtight (1990). The cassette liners were very simple foldouts, so there wasn't room for a lot of information.

Song Lists for these releases, and more info on the group, are on a separate page.

Danger in the Air (self-titiled), 1988

Dixie Chicks fans will want to take particular note of the producer of this release,
Larry Seyer. He also produced the 1991 Dixie Chicks single Home On The Radar Range (see the Discography page for more info) and 1992's Little Ol' Cowgirl. For Cowgirl, Seyer brought the Dixie Chicks together with Texas steel guitar legend Lloyd Maines -- who had a daughter named Natalie who happened to be interested in the music biz. The rest, as they say, is history... and it all starts here.

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Picture caption:
From Left: Drew Garrett, Bass; James McKinney, Banjo; Andy Owens, Mandolin; Robin Lynn Macy, Guitar; Stephan Dudash, Fiddle.

[right side]
Produced and Arranged by
Danger in the Air

Engineered by
Larry Seyer

Mixed by Larry Seyer
and Danger in the Air

Recorded at
TMPS Studios
Austin, TX

Design:Rodney Dobbs
Photography: Gardner & Gardner

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Airtight, 1990

This final release by the group, issued the same year as the Dixie Chicks' Thank Heavens For Dale Evans, gives the Chicks a credit in the liner notes.

Drew Garrett - bass
Robin Lynn Macy - guitar, vocals
Andy Owens - mandolin, vocals, lead vocal on Revel in the Glory, In Despair and I'm a Believer
James McKinney - banjo
Stephen Dudash - fiddle vocals, lead vocal on Love Light and Prisoner Without Love
Background Vocals on I Saw Him Standing There - The Love Field Men's Chorus: Drew, Andy, James, Stephen and Bil

Produced and Arranged by Danger in the Air
Enginerred by Bil VornDick
  Assisted by Philip Barrett
Recorded March 1990; Omega Audio, Dallas, TX
Photography and Artwork by Gardner and Gardner, Houston
Artwork and Design by Rodney Dobbs

Danger in the Air would like to thank Julie Cathy, Linda, Angela, David Card, Rod Kennedy, The Dixie Chicks, Wayne and Diane, Bob Redford, Jill Hirshman, KERA, KNON, Bob Higginbotham, Bill W., John Kinsey and Bil VornDick

We'd like to especially thank our families, friends, fans and Danger in the Airheads. Robin Macy uses Mossman Guitars.

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