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Chick Chat
From the Rockin' DC Ranch

Before they hit the big time -- and one time after -- the Dixie Chicks sent a newsletter to their loyal fans. The irregularly published Chick Chat was a facinating stream-of-conciousness look into the lives of a group of talented young ladies (and gentlemen) struggling with life on the road.

With the well-received Shouldn't A Told You That on the shelves at Wal-Mart, the Dixie Chicks embarked on their whirlwind tour of Europe.

A huge thank-you to Patrick Flannery in Columbus, OH for sending me this issue of the Chick Chat! He was also kind enough to send me the 1992 Dallas Life Magazine article that detailed the creation of my favorite Dixie Chicks release, Little Ol' Cowgirl.

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[Photo caption: Boy o boy it's Roy and Troy Calloway, double your pleasure!]


Our European tour is over and we're home to roost. The first stop was Zurich, Switzerland - where they have their very own Country Music Association. We played two sold out concert nights (Danka Shen), and saw some very creative two-steppin'. These yodeladies even did some yodeladiehoos with the President of Zurich. Our Mayor of Dallas, Steve Bartlett, proclaimed us to be the Official Music Ambassadors to Europe while on our tour. WOW!

Our next stop was EuroDisney for three raucous nights at the Billy Bob's authentic Texas-style saloon. The last day we spent touring the Park. Even Mickey Mouse had B.O..

In Paris (pah-REE), we gave 'em an earful on the Eiffel. The elevator ride up allowed for a quick rendition of the Star Spangled Banner for a group of Moroccan tourists.

Our concert in Paris was at New Morning, a famous old listening room that was frequented by Miles Davis, and definitely intended for the serious music lover. It was an eclectic crowd due to a radio interview we shared with the world famous Nina Hagen, a former East Berlin radical singer. We asked the poignant question, "What do you think the reason is for the new found popularity of country music?" Nina responded with, "Country Music has been and always will be... what it is." Tres Bien, Nina?

All too soon we found ourselves back on the train and on our way to the Capital of Europe, Brussels, Belgium. Laura's sister Kitty organized two concerts for us in this beautiful city. One night we played for some fancy folks from NATO at a pub called Pablo's; the next night we hoed-down with some Heavy Metal Belgian Bikers. Whoa!

In Brussels we had time to shop, so we did. Laura found a street auction and ended up bidding for canes, medals, chairs, and artwork. Martie was much more practical and bought a linen suit she'll never wear. Emily stuck with the perfumes, powder puffs, and pastries.

The boys were, as usual, the most practical on this trip. Road Manager extraordinaire, Jeff Humphrey, left the States with disposable tube socks and briefs. While Matthew and Tom learned a whole new meaning for "recycle"; they turned their laundry bag over and started at the other end.

The boys fondly refer to the trip as the "Tour de Hops". They fancied the Belgian beer and stayed clear of the shops. Our friend and assistant Barb was probably the most discerning about her investments - she stuck with the Daisy Duck hats.

Lastly, we were off to Monte Carlo, oh where is Robin Leach when you need him?

We floated in the Cote d'Azure in the afternoons and played late night shows at the finest sports honkytonk in the...
[originally continued on page 4]

Viva La Yeehaw

Principality, Stars & Bars. On the nights we played, they offered prizes for most authentic western outfits with us as the judges! There's nothin' quite like a French Riviera cowboy - spurs on penny loafers and cardigans with chaps. They are still in love with Sue Ellen and J.R. Ewing.

Our last night was spent sharing a bottle of Chateau de Chug-a-lug and toasting our successful European adventure. Hey! Anybody been to Moscow? Looks like that's gonna be our Next Big Globe Trot!

The Dixie Chicks

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We're Listenin'
Still lookin for a Van Name

Besides 6 flat tires and some Bubble Yum stuck in the carpet under the dinette, the yet-to-be-titled R.V. is doing just fine. The trip to Europe was a struggle, but the hung in there. Last newsletter we asked y'all to name our pink R.V.. Let's take a look at some of the entries...
  1. Prairie Schooner
  2. Robo Coop
  3. Pepto Palace
  4. Chick Wagon
  5. Pink Frijole
  6. The Band Wagon

The search goes on.

Hey Y'all...
It's Our Party...

We're throwing ourselves a party! April 16th is the official Dixie Chicks band birthday and you are all invited to come down and help us celebrate at:

Silverado City, 1320 N. Industrial Blvd., Dallas. Tickets are only $10... call 747-xxxx. Sorry... no spanking.

We're five years old, mere chickadees in the music business, and plan on never expiring!

April's going to be a Star Spangled month, so remember to check our calendar and come out to a ball game and help us celebrate as we sing the National Anthem!

Quotes & Gloats

Recently, The Dallas Morning News and its readers voted the Dixie Chicks to be the "Best Local Country Band". Thank you so much. You sure know how to make us feel great.

Here's a fan letter we got a kick out of: "Dear Dixie Chicks, I'd love to have y'all in my herd. I'll mosey on over to Silverado City to see you. I'll be the one with the Heart brand, good bone confirmation, and no nose ring. Keep a singin' Cow Cow Boogie."

Signed, Mr. Avail A. Bull

"...Shouldn't A Told You That overflows with the Dixie Chicks' undiluted, traditional sound, loaded with pleasant harmonies and solid musicianship. They've added their unmistakable stamp to songs from some of Nashville's best contemporary writers... Sooner or later the Dixie Chicks are destined to be America's country music sweethearts."

CMJ Jackpot Review
Jim Caligiuri

"I put my arms around you and wish you all the luck you can have on Earth. Thank you for the little lights you bring to me."

Roland Musler, Zurich, Switzerland

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[Tour Schedule]

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Thank You KNAB and KUNM

A big hearty thank you goes to KNAB radio in Orange, CA and KUNM in Albuquerque, NM. Both have managed to get our album on the Top Ten most requested lists.

Thanks also to KERA right here at home for your continued support and excellent programs.

Critic's Choice

Hey, did you hear about the new film Poultrygeist III, the story of an estranged, evil chicken's ghost who returns to haunt a hen house... Release date pending.

[What are they talking about?? See the Editor's Notes. -rb]

Pop Quiz

These days who's most likely to be overheard singing the Dixie Chicks' smash hit "Shouldn't A Told You That"?
  1. Tom Jones
  2. George Jones
  3. Jerry Jones

The Pullet Surprise Goes To...

Those wonderful people who make our lives so much better like...
  • Bob Phillips, Jason Anderson, Jesus Hernandez, Shawn, and Pete McKeenan for their great video stories ("Texans" and "Prime Time Texas")
  • Sutton Turner for the most inspiring letter
  • Dirk and Alice Eshleman for the hand made Dixie Chicks look-alike dolls

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[Chicks Boutique]

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[Photo: the French TGV (Train a Grande Vitesse), talk bubble: "Hey! Folks... if you see we'll be in your town - get your favorite club to book us! We'll play faster'n the Europe bullet train!"]

Editor's Notes:

That glowing review from CMJ has found its way to CDnow's Reviews section in their Dixie Chicks discography. It was prophetic when it said "Sooner or later the Dixie Chicks are destined to be America's country music sweethearts." But these three Chicks still weren't a household name yet, despite the critics' praise.

What were the Chicks talking about when they included the "review" of Poultrygeist on page 4? Sources say that that's a veiled reference to legal troubles between the Dixie Chicks and founding lead singer Robin Lynn Macy, but the details of the spat have never been publicly revealed.

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Transcribed by Robert Brooks. Grammar and structure are from the original, but typos and misspellings are probably my own fault.

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