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September 2000
Chicks Busting Out All Over!

As the Dixie Chicks continue their newly-expanded tour (and as new lead Chick Natalie Maines does some "expanding" of her own), the group's musical cousins are filling the gap with new releases.

Founding Dixie Chick lead singer Robin Lynn Macy is back to bluegrass with her new group, Big Twang. The Kansas-based group is self-publishing their debut release, Pastures of Plenty, and it's only available from the group's web page: bigtwang.com. The last time Robin and her friends published their own disc was in 1993, and that rare first-edition Domestic Science Club release now sells for over $80 on eBay.

The Chicks themselves go back to the roots of bluegrass, helping Ricky Skaggs pay tribute to the "Father of Bluegrass" with the tribute album Big Mon - Songs Of Bill Monroe. The Chicks' contribution, "Walk Softly (On My Heart)", features Natalie belting loose with a voice that combines her "Sin Wagon" energy with the good parts of "Let Him Fly". She pushes her voice to the limit, maybe a little beyond... and it works.

Emily's husband Charlie Robison, already considered a lucky dog by 99.44% of male country fans, recently came off of the "Lucky Dog Unleashed" tour with fellow Sony/Lucky Dog artists Bruce Robison (his brother) and Jack Ingram. Their performance at Texas' legendary Gruene Hall provides the backdrop for Unleashed Live, an absolute party-in-a-box that's already getting heavy airplay on Americana Country stations like Dallas' KHYI 95.3. The fans aren't just coming for the beer... Charlie, Bruce, and Jack are consummate musicians and entertainers.

Even Bruce Robison's wife Kelly Willis is getting in the album-release act -- without even knowing it! Inside word is that she didn't even know that her old label, MCA, had decided to cash in on her growing fame by reissuing cuts from her three out-of-print MCA discs in a compliation titled One More Time - The MCA Recordings By the way, Kelly also sings a duet with Bruce on the "Unleashed Live" CD mentioned above.

Meanwhile, the buzz continues to swirl around James Dickerson's Dixie Chicks: Down Home and Backstage. It's the definitive word on Laura Lynch's days as the lead singer and driving force behind the Dixie Chicks. There are even rumors of a movie in the works! Wouldn't that be a dream for Dixie Chicks fans -- and a nightmare for cowgirl-phobic manager Simon Renshaw...

And here's one for the "yep, they've hit the big time" department. A little something that makes my "troubles" with the Chicks' lawyers look like child's play... Dixie Chicks Bootlegs! The owner of the site, Jamie, knows her stuff -- she's even seen pictures of Natalie as a Little Ol' Cowgirl. And she (like all bootleg buffs) is always in the market for a trade. See her Dixie Chicks CD-Rs site for more details. Just don't tell the lawyers!

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[Rolling Stone Issue 837]


All-Inclusive was featured in the March 30, 2000 edition of Rolling Stone, the music magazine that's been on the cutting edge since Laura Lynch and Robin Lynn Macy were toddlers, and the Erwin sisters' parents were still in high school.

The editors included a blurb about this site in the first edition of the magazine's new "Netbook" section, which will feature the top music sites on the Web. I'm right there next to the venerable Planet Garth and Country Music Miniature Donkeys, where you'll find a Grand Champion named George Jones.

[CountryNow.com 1999 Fan Site Awards]

All-Inclusive was selected as one of the ten Finalists in the CountryNow.com Second Annual Fan Site Awards, in the Amateur division. The winner, announced on June 10, 1999, was Totally Trisha -- congratulations to webmaster Kenneth Lee!

Who are those facinating Dixie Chicks,
and where did they really come from?

Indie Chicks CDs
eBay Report

(closed auctions)

Dale Evans: $57 (8/29/00)
Radar Range: N/A
Cowgirl: $75 (8/28/00)
Shouldn't A: $100 (8/26/00)
10-trk DSC: $86 (8/26/00)

For details, see the Buy page.

  • Introduction to the Dixie Chicks
    The Dixie Chicks are red hot and on a roll... but did you know that they've been around for over a decade? This quick introduction will get you started with the basics of who they were... and how they've evolved into the divas of Country Music.

  • The Complete Dixie Chicks Timeline
    Original content you won't find anyplace else! Now you can trace the facinating history of the Dixie Chicks from their 1980s roots, through their 1990s struggles, and on to their late 1990s triumphs.

    Sony Nashville has a timeline, but you'll have to come here to find out when founding Dixie Chicks Laura Lynch and Robin Lynn Macy left the group.

  • The Complete Discography
    The Dixie Chicks breakout album, Wide Open Spaces, is not the first release by the group... and I Can Love You Better isn't even their first single! This page includes information about past and future releases and compilations that include the Dixie Chicks -- from the 45 rpm single release Home On The Radar Range to their second major-label release, tentatively titled Sin Wagon but now tamed to Fly.

    Read how Ready To Run, the first single from the new album, bridges the gap between the "Old Chicks" sound and the "New Chicks" attitude!

  • The Chick Chat Archive
    Before they hit the big time -- and one time after -- the Dixie Chicks sent a newsletter to their loyal fans. The irregularly published Chick Chat was a facinating stream-of-conciousness look into the lives of a group of talented young ladies (and gentlemen) struggling with life on the road.

  • Dixie Chicks Stories
    The Dixie Chicks have always been loyal to their fans, new and old. In fact, you can read several stories by new fans who have met the sweetest ladies in Country Music on any of the sites in the Dixie Chicks WebRing... but visit this page to read stories from before the Chicks hit big, when they played in school cafeterias, at private parties, and yes, on street corners in Dallas.

  • Suzanne's Dixie Chicks Scrapbook
    The Dixie Chicks, old and new, have always been surrounded by appreciative and devoted fans. One of the "Old Chicks'" biggest fans was Suzanne Lamb, and she has very graciously given me her permission to tell her Dixie Chicks story in pictures! She started following the Chicks in late 1992 and stayed around all the way through the album release party for 1998's Wide Open Spaces.

  • Dixie Chicks Pictures
    This page features images of the original Dixie Chicks, including Robin and Laura. It includes old publicity photos, scans of the CD liner notes from the first three albums, old concert photos and pictures of the original Dixie Chicks posing with their fans. And if you're surfing with images off, don't worry... this page is completely text-friendly, unlike far too many other Chicks Pix sites.

  • Original Dixie Chicks MP3 Files
    Did you know that the Dixie Chicks released three independent albums before their six-million-selling Wide Open Spaces? Listen to these samples for echoes of something completely unique -- something Nashville had been missing for a long time.

    Samples Only! Full-length bootleg .mp3 filez are not available and I will not send you one by e-mail -- don't ask!

  • History of this Site
    More than just the story behind this web site, learn here the story behind the Dixie Chicks' own forays into the World Wide Web. From the Chicks' first steps onto the 'net, through the rollercoaster ride of dixiechicks.com, and more! Includes an exclusive, fully functional mirror of the Chicks' first-ever web page, long since lost in 'net oblivion.

  • Site Index (under construction)
    Direct links to every page on the site. If you're looking for something in particular, but don't need to go through the Timeline or Discography, you can find your way there from here. You'll find even more information on the Dixie Chicks' history, including Sound Files (and the corresponding Cease And Desist letter!), information on related groups like Domestic Science Club, Liner Notes, and my selections for the Greatest Hits of the Dixie Chicks. Now includes links to stories about the All-Inclusive Dixie Chicks Page -- and much more.

  • Dixie Chicks Links (under construction)
    Among the dozens of web sites and news articles with information about the "new" Dixie Chicks are a handful of sites that discuss the full history of the group. Also includes links to other useful tidbits of info on the New Chicks, the Old Chicks, and even to other groups like The Groobees, who originally recorded the 4-week #1 smash-hit title cut to Wide Open Spaces.

  • Update Announcements!
    If you'd like to be informed of updates to this site, then please subscribe to my announcement-only mailing list, hosted by eGroups. I'll be sending a short message once or twice a month detailing the latest additions. Click Here for complete details, or just sign up now:

    You can also sign up by email: just send a blank note to originalchicks-subscribe@egroups.com.

  • Buy music by the Dixie Chicks (and friends)
    By late 1998, Dallas' Crystal Clear Sound lost the rights to publish the Dixie Chicks' independent releases. But check this page for hints on how to find these rarities on eBay -- and if you don't have $200 for a copy of Dale Evans, find out where to find some still-available gems by related artists.

    Of course, if it's in print, you'll find it at CDnow -- at a good price. I selected CDnow as the exclusive artist link for this site because no other online music retailer can match their committment to customer service -- see more details on the Buy page. And check the banner below -- they're always putting something on sale!


  • Hear the Dixie Chicks

    Dallas' KHYI 95.3 The Range
    has all the Chicks' CDs.

    The Dixie Chicks' early releases (1990's Thank Heavens for Dale Evans, 1992's Little Ol' Cowgirl, and 1993's Shouldn't A Told You That) are running from $50 to $200 a piece on eBay, but if that's too rich for your blood, don't worry! There are a few radical country stations whose jocks knew the Chicks before they hit big. As the Internet gives small-signal and internet-only stations worldwide reach, the sweet sounds of the original Dixie Chicks are on the air again.


[Original Chick Logo]
Original logo, from Thank Heavens For Dale Evans (1990)

An Introduction to the Dixie Chicks
(all of them)

The Dixie Chicks are without a doubt the hottest "new" group to hit mainstream country music in years. In a genre dominated by Suburban Cowboys like
Garth Brooks and Billy Ray Cyrus, they stand alone. The first all-female band to score a #1 hit with There's Your Trouble, these ladies can actually play music, even if Martie and Emily's virtuoso string performances are sometimes hidden behind thick layers of generic studio music.

But they're not a new group -- these Chicks have paid their dues. And they've gone through some changes. Haven't we all?

What the Nashville marketing machine has chosen to ignore -- not surprisingly -- is the true history of the Dixie Chicks. By their own admission, the group is concerned about "confusion." But the current Dixie Chicks -- Natalie Maines, Emily Erwin, and Martie Seidel -- would not exist now if it were not for the Dixie Chicks of the past. It was Laura Lynch and Robin Macy, along with sisters Emily and Martie Erwin, who created the Dixie Chicks on a street corner in Dallas in 1989.

Return to the top to learn more...

They do remember!

That was then:
[Emily] Erwin and [Martie] Seidel are hardly rookies, though; the two recorded three albums on an indie label with another singer, a collection Erwin hopes "never surfaces," since "they don't have the pure Dixie Chicks sound." Which is? "Old-time country played with a new sensibility by three blonds is the best I can figure it."

- Entertainment Weekly, December 1998

This is now:
Says [Natalie] Maines: "There's three blondes who like hair and makeup and clothes, and unless you know the history -- that the band started 10 years ago and this configuration's been together for 4 years and all that -- it looks like it's just Nashville trying to make a country Spice Girls."

- Entertainment Weekly, July 1999

Way to go, Chicks!


[Original Chick Logo]

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