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A Postcard, Summer 1997

Before they hit the big time -- and one time after -- the Dixie Chicks sent a newsletter to their loyal fans. The irregularly published Chick Chat was a facinating stream-of-conciousness look into the lives of a group of talented young ladies (and gentlemen) struggling with life on the road.

Found! Suzanne Lamb, whose Dixie Chicks Scrapbook is also featured on this site and who also found the Spring 1996 Chick Chat, had a copy of some of the earliest evidence that the Chicks were shedding their Western image for good. This postcard doesn't say anything about Cowgirls, "Nightingales O' The Prairie", or even Dale Evans... in fact, the name "Dixie Chicks" isn't even in the classic "rail fence" font designed by George Toomer.

And the postmark is June 18, 1997... from Nashville, TN...

Front Side

The picture itself is in black-and-white. It's the Chicks in concert with their post-Cowgirl pre-"Wide Open Spaces" hairdos -- all blonde, all long (see this in color on the Pictures Page). Since they're playing their instruments, though, you can tell them apart: Martie Seidel on fiddle, Tommy Nash (right up there in front, the only non-blonde) on guitar, Natalie Maines Tarabay (just married) on vocals, and Emily Erwin on banjo.

But even more interesting are the words "Dixie Chicks". The band's name is printed in purple ink in all lower case, in a freeform, runny-ink sort of font. In fact, the text is more reminicent of the less ornamented font used on Fly than of the freeform but serifed font used on Wide Open Spaces.

Don't take my word for it -- I've stretched my knowledge of typography to the breaking point -- see for yourself!

View it: Front Side (867x688, 161k, JPEG format)
Scanning facilities courtesy of Eat Um Up, Grand Prairie's best Cyber Cafe

Back Side

There's nothing fancy on the back, just the schedule and this introductory paragraph:
Hey y'all, we'd love to see you on the road this summer. Lots of great things have been happening; Natalie got hitched, and there's a brand new album on the way! We can't wait to fill you in. Love, Martie, Natalie & Emily
The schedule, their final published schedule before "I Can Love You Better" was released, includes several items of interest.


1-17 in the studio (yee haw)
[Note that the postmark on this postcard was June 18]
19 Thu. Sony showcase - Nashville, TN
26 Thu. Concert for AIDS Lakewood Theatre - Dallas, TX
28 Sat. Nat Ballroom w/Groobees - Amarillo, TX
[The Groobees have a picture of this event on their website: groobees.com]
29 Sun. Hang 'Em High Saloon - Austin, TX


4 Fri. 4th of July Celebration at Paschall Park - Mesquite, TX
w/special guest Pat Green
[Pat Green's band included Natalie's new husband, Micheal Tarabay, on bass]
11 Fri. Sons of Hermann Hall with Pat Green - Dallas, TX
13 Sun. Westfields by the Railroad - Houston, TX
18 Fri. Cowboy Palace Saloon - Los Angeles, CA
19 Sat. Mr. Lucky's - Phoenix, AZ
22 Tue. East Texas State University - Commerce, TX
31 Thu. Bronco Billy's - Milwaukee [covered by stamp]


1 Fri. Dumas Walker's - Chicago, IL
3 Sun. Diamonds & Spurs - Detroit, MI
7 Thu. In Cahoots - Indianapolis, IN
9 Sat. Guitars & Cadillacs - Kansas City, MO
15 Fri. Denim & Diamonds - Memphis, TN
16 Sat. Gals to Co-Host Western Image Awards (tentative)
... and bass player Bobby's sister is gettin' hitched!!!
21 Thu. Ruby's Roadhouse - New Orleans, LA
23 Sat. Desperados - Ft. Laurderdale, FL
30 Sat. Watermelon Roundup - Plains, TX


13 Sat. Coyote Joe's - Charlotte, NC
20 Sat. National Epilepsy Foundation Fundraiser - Dallas, TX

Dixie Chicks P.O. Box 670444, Dallas, TX 75367-0444
Email: DixieChks@aol.com www.austinlinks.com/Music/dixiechicks
Booking: Buddy Lee Attractions (615) 244-4336

View it: Back Side (863x692, 135k, JPEG format)
Scanning facilities courtesy of Eat Um Up, Grand Prairie's best Cyber Cafe

Editor's Notes:

A few months after the Chicks sent this postcard, there was still no word about the new Dixie Chicks CD. The previous Chick Chat (Spring 1996) had also promised a recording session, but no album ever materialized. So I took advantage of the Internet and sent them a note. Here's the personal reply!

From: Dixiechks@aol.com
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 1997 12:36:49 -0400 (EDT)
To: robertb@geocities.com
Subject: Re: Still waiting for the new CD...

Robert, The new cd comes out January 15th, but the first single will hit radio October 27th. Be sure to request us!!!!

Sorry the hotline is temporarily not working, but we have been putting in a new computer system and it has taken over all the outlets. It will be up-and-running shortly.


Of course, nobody suspected that within the next year, the Chicks would score a #1 hit, sell millions of albums, win a ton of awards, and get too popular to send personal email replies! Or that they'd distance themselves so far from their cowgirl roots that a long-time fan would be moved to create a web page to tell the All-Inclusive story of the group...

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Transcribed by Robert Brooks. Grammar and structure are from the original, but typos and misspellings are probably my own fault.

This mailing had no explicit copyright notice, but should be considered (c) 1997 Dixie Chicks

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