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Dixie Chicks Coloring Book

In July 1992, Robin Lynn Macy and the Dixie Chicks parted ways. At some point after her departure, remaining Chicks Laura Lynch, Emily Erwin, and Martie Erwin posed for a unique promotional item: the Rockin' DC Ranch Coloring Book. They sold it at their concert appearances as well as in the Chick Chat newsletter.

Drawn by George Toomer, an artist, restauranteur, and all-around nice guy whose touch appears throughout the 1992-1996 Dixie Chicks merchandise and Chick Chat newsletters, the coloring book is 12 pages of what new lead singer Natalie Maines disdainfully describes as "cowgirl frills". Like it or not, this is the image that the pre-Natalie Dixie Chicks used in their performances and in their promotional materials. Even the less frilly outfits from the Shouldn't A Told You That photo shoot still echoed their Western roots, and they still described themselves as a "Cowgirl Band" after Natalie joined in 1995.

Please note: these images are all Copyright © 1992 by George Toomer, who has given me his gracious permission to reproduce them here. Since there are very few pictures available of the original members of the group (especially online), this coloring book is the best window available into their old look. I invite you to enjoy them, but please do not poach them and use them on your own page without giving credit where credit is due!

  • Cover (635x804 JPEG, 335k)
    The cover features Martie, Laura, and Emily against a cactus-strewn Southwestern background, with the gate to the "Rockin' DC Ranch" visible behind them.

  • Page 2 (833x1033 JPEG, 356k)
    "I'm A Dixie Chicklete" graphic, with baby chick and guitar. This page also features the copyright notice referenced above. If you look closely, you can see that the final "e" in "Chicklete" looks just slightly out of place... this used to be "Dixie Chicklet" before someone remembered about the gum. Do you think the Chicks got a Cease And Desist letter of their own?

  • Page 3 (602x777 JPEG, 198k)
    The original "Dixie Chicks Cowgirl Band" logo. Take a look at the ribbon that carries the words "Cowgirl Band." The word "All" used to be on the left side of the cowgirl's hat. See also the back cover (it's a better scan).

  • Page 4 (607x760 JPEG, 298k) and Page 5 (602x765 JPEG, 268k)
    This two-page spread features the mythical "Rockin' DC Ranch". Wonderfully detailed, it includes a numbered list of things you'll find at the "Chicks' Bunk House", including "Martie's Morning Glories," "Laura's Telescope," and "Old Mr. Bumpybus". There are even some hidden items, including "Emily's Fiddle." The sign over the door reads, "NO BOYS."

  • Page 6 (615x802 JPEG, 219k) and Page 7 (617x807 JPEG, 290k)
    The centerfold features a larger version of the cover drawing of the three Dixie Chicks, set this time against a plain background of Southwestern mesas and prickly pear cactus. Poor Laura is caught in the fold, but you can see her clearly in this scan (635x804 JPEG, 283k).

  • Page 8 (600x772 JPEG, 291k)
    A view of the Dixie Chicks' stable. The horses' names are even listed:
    • Emily's horse is Saddle Bags
    • Laura's horse is Tootie
    • Martie's horse is Fiddle Stix
    Now that Laura is married to big-time Texas rancher Mac Tull, she can have as many horses as she wants!

  • Page 9 (570x755 JPEG, 298k)
    "How the Chicks Pick A Hat." This one is a must-see... it's so cute. Check out little sister Emily's Friday hat!

  • Page 10
    "Travelin' In Mr. Bumpy Bus" Unfortunately, I lost my scan of this cute page... More info soon!

  • Page 11 (592x782 JPEG, 180k)
    Here's a page in a completely different style. Where the rest of George Toomer's artwork has been almost photorealistic, this image of the Dixie Chicks playing their instruments atop a bucking bronco is drawn in an abstract, neo-Southwestern style. It would probably still fall short of Natalie's approval, though.

  • Back Cover (602x807 JPEG, 228k)
    Another page of the "Cowgirl Band" logo. It's the same as the one on page 3, except that it includes the address of the Dixie Chicks fan club at the bottom. Don't bother writing, though... 'cause in January 1999, they closed their Dallas office and moved to Nashville.

A Reminder...

These coloring book pages are the copyrighted works of George Toomer, and are reproduced here with his express permission. If you feel you need to put these images on your site, send me a note and I'll ask George if it is ok. Please support the freedom of expression we enjoy on the 'net; don't copy these images to your site without at least giving credit to the author!

You may say, "well he's one to talk!" And yes, I learned some lessons from the Cease And Desist letter I got in 1998. But even if I may occasionally stray to the wrong side of the copyright laws, I always give credit where credit is due. It's just common courtesy.

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