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All-Inclusive Dixie Chicks: Contest Rules


I don't have a lawyer. My experience with lawyers is largely limited, as Zac Crain noted in the Dallas Observer, to Law And Order reruns. Unless you count the Cease And Desist letter, of course. Anyway, use some common sense and don't try to poke holes in the contest rules, or I'll pack up my ball and go home.


Most contests will be open to all visitors to the All-Inclusive Dixie Chicks Page, but I reserve the right to limit contests to members of my announcement update mailing list, and the right to advise list members of contests before the general public.

To keep things fair, my Dallas-area relatives are not eligible to win (sorry, David!).

In addition, I reserve the right to disqualify any entry that in my sole opinion is duplicate or otherwise fraudulent, without notification of the entrant. No spamming the contests.

Since shipping costs outside North America may be prohibitive, I will have to limit entrants to people who either live somewhere with cheap shipping, or people who will pick up the difference. If shipping costs to a winner's destination exceed my ability to cover it, and the winner doesn't want to pay the difference, then an alternate winner will be chosen.

And if you live somewhere where this contest is illegal for some bizarre reason, then you should know better than to try to get me in trouble.

Finally, I will be requiring a specific subject line in any contest entry email. Messages sent to the contest address with an incorrect subject will be deleted unread. Similarly, any contest entries sent to the wrong address will be ignored.


Contests will be conducted by email, with all its vagaries and glitches. I can not be responsible for failures of email systems and internet connections, so if the email doesn't reach me by the stated deadline, it doesn't make it to the contest. Try again next time, and enter early!

Notification of Winners

Winners will be notified by email, but again, I can not be responsible if a router in Phoenix sends your notification to Tahiti. If I receive no response after two attempts to contact a winner via email, I will select an alternate winner from the remaining qualified entries.

Distribution of Prizes

I will generally be dependent on contest sponsors and other suppliers to actually get the prizes to the winners. Prize distribution problems will have to be taken up with the supplier. I know this stinks -- I was in the Sunny Delight Bottle Hunt and we got so mad when they didn't deliver -- but I'm not Proctor & Gamble and I don't have deep pockets. I can not be responsible if a winner fails to receive a prize -- I can't afford to buy a prize twice.

Privacy of Entrants and Winners

I hate SPAM with a purple passion. I will never sell or give away the email address, snail mail address, phone number, or any blooming thing about anyone who enters a contest.

On the other hand, winners will have to let me know where to send the prize. I will also require a name or handle, plus city and state, so that I can announce the winner to the world. Something like "Robert B., Grand Prairie, Texas" would be fine -- I just don't want to say "Oh, the prize you were all wanting went to some anonymous nobody." What's the thrill of that? But your email will remain private, unless you want me to spread it to the world.

Decision of De Judge

All decisions of the judge, me, are final. I can and probably will modify these rules as I think of things that could go wrong. If you don't like the rules, don't play the game. If you have any suggestions, though, let me know.

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