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Dixie Chicks Cowgirl Band
Chick Chat
"Nightingales O' The Prairie" -- Winter 1992

Before they hit the big time -- and one time after -- the Dixie Chicks sent a newsletter to their loyal fans. The irregularly published Chick Chat was a facinating stream-of-conciousness look into the lives of a group of talented young ladies (and gentlemen) struggling with life on the road.

A big "thank you" to Jay Rury for letting me borrow his old copies of the Chick Chat to add to this archive!

Peck The Halls...

These prairie canaries have been very harried. But we're all very merry with nary a carey. Our schedule is hairy, but that's temporary. We may never marry; we're so contrary and in the mornin' we look pretty scary. But after some cherries and a chocolate eclairy, we look to our drummer for brief commentary but now we're off to Tucumcarey! Well ahhhh declarey was all this necessary?

Critics' Comments

"... as you saddle up for that next long van trip, just remember that your work is not going unnoticed. You spread a lot of joy with your music and personalities. You are truly A TEXAS TREASURE!"

Letter from Ken Nicolas
September 5, 1992

"The Dixie Chicks are among those who can claim their fans nationwide. Their second album helped spread the word."

Albuquerque Journal
September 13, 1992

Our recent road trip to Oklahoma, Kansas and New Mexico was a doozey. We shared some biscuits and 40 weight gravy with the illegitimate grandsons of the Pioneers, and went on an incredible shopping spree at the National Cowboy Hall of Fame Gift Shop - the first in a series. We played happy birthday over the phone to Laura's little girl Asia who turned eleven. She doesn't want to be a cowgirl! Can you imagine?

You haven't been scared 'til you are in a Winnebago with Martie at the wheel - she pruned some trees in Oklahoma City and learned that the hotel driveway overhang was 9' and not 9'4".

New Scrabble word is Zibimok.

We got a couple of letters that said we needed to give our guys a sentence or two in our newsletter so here are their most recent quotes:

Drummin Tom ways: "BomBom Buhduhbuhduh bom bom!" Jeff's quote: "Sound travels so well in the Arctic that on a still day you can hear a conversation from a distance of 1.8 miles."

Matt, pondering the origins of Christmas: "What if there had been a room at the inn?" Then the song would be "Away in a roll-a-way..."

We were in Hog Heaven at the New Mexico State Fair in Albuquerque. At the Fair, Emily bought a big purple wooly sweater (it was 98 degrees out), a concho bracelet, some moccasins, and tried to buy the baby zebra at the petting zoo. Laura bought a whole box of Christmas candelabras, another piece of turquoise, a pair of boots, a big tin of homemade Divinity, and stayed perched on the electric foot massagers. Martie bought corn on the cob.

We saw the largest Hog in the world -- 1100 lbs -- and sleeping. A ping pong ball would fit in its nostril.

Dixie Chicks Concert Update

[This time, it's just Date, Event, and Location... they dropped the time listing from the Autumn issue and the Phone and Price from the Summer issue. But there are some great highlights that I'll transcribe at some point in the future.]

The Dixie Boutique

[Same as the previous issue, except that there is no longer any reference to "Singles." Ironically, the issue is decorated with clip art pictures of Laura, Emilly, and Martie from the cover of "Home On The Radar Range" (see the Discography)]

[After the order form, the Chicks make a request:]

Does anyone know of any more rhyming endings to our song Pink Toenails? Best entry gets a Booby Prize!

Van Update
The key is in the ignition, in the Target parking lot off LBJ.

Thanks to Darlin' Dave Oliver for the autographed baseballs and lunch at the Paris Cafe in Cowtown.

Thanks boodles for the bootiful boots to Kelly and Ken at the Justin Boot Company!

Well, we'll let you get back to your knittin' and shippin'. Till springtime we remain
Dixie Chicks

May the wind at your back not be your own."
Buffalo George

Our fearless manager, David Skepner's famous quote:
"It's not brain surgery, just get out there and have fun."

Editor's Notes:

This first issue after Robin's departure wasn't particularly eventful. The trio just kept on trucking. But the note about Laura's daughter Asia is interesting. She "doesn't want to be a cowgirl," and at 11 she's going to be more and more affected by her mom's absence.

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Transcribed by Robert Brooks. Grammar and structure are from the original, but typos and misspellings are probably my own fault.

This mailing had no explicit copyright notice, but should be considered (c) 1992 Dixie Chicks

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