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Chick Chat
From the Rockin' DC Ranch

Before they hit the big time -- and one time after -- the Dixie Chicks sent a newsletter to their loyal fans. The irregularly published Chick Chat was a facinating stream-of-conciousness look into the lives of a group of talented young ladies (and gentlemen) struggling with life on the road.

This issue was sent out around September, 1995. In December of that year, the Dixie Chicks replaced lead singer Laura Lynch with Natalie Maines. This is the final Chick Chat featuring Laura, but it contains no clues about the departure...

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[Photo caption: Our heroes have always been Playboys (original Texas Playboys, that is)]

The Honeymoon's Over

It's a trucker's life and we're livin' it! We write to you tonight on the homestretch between Minnesota and Texas. We've had 17 hours and 40 wheatfields to reminisce about the grand summer we spent with all of you.

In the last three months we've put 25,000 miles on the R.V., dipping our toes in the Atlantic, the Pacific, and the North Sea. And in celebration of life, love, and lamé, here are our favorite moments:

  • Playing scrabble backstage with Mark Miller and Hobie Hubbard of Sawyer Brown at the California Mid-State Fair.
  • Making our 2nd appearance on CBS This Morning singing "Oh What A Beautiful Morning".
  • Sharing the stage with Patsy Montana at the Hope, Arkansas Watermelon Festival
  • Singing the National Anthem for 10,000+ people at a Diamond Rio / Trisha Yearwood Concert.
  • Opening for Lee Roy Parnell in Grand Prairie, Texas for the most welcoming hometown audience we could have asked for.
  • Being featured in a Davy Crockett video project debuting at the State Fair of Texas this October.
  • Watching Emily blow out 23 candles on a gigantic chocolate banjo birthday cake.
  • Coming out of an extensive I.R.S. audit unscathed. Whew! (There are only so many ways to count 3 beans.)
  • Performing with Asleep At The Wheel and the original Texas Playboys in Euless, Texas.
  • Taping Good Morning Texas with Michael Irvin and Emmit Smith.
  • Sharing the stage with 60's icon Gary Puckett. He wrote "Young Girl" and "Woman". It brought back memories of Laura's tragic platform shoe accidents.
  • Booking our first tour in Japan set for May '96 in Kumamoto.

Tour de la *Puceé

This year's trip to Europe began with Laura realizing her passport was expired one hour before we set foot on the plane. Mourning her 24 hr. absence, Martie, Bobby Charles and Emily did the Tour de Discoteque in three countries. Inspired, Emily's learning "My Sharona" on banjo. Laura finally arrived in time for the flea market extravaganza, proudly led by big sister Kitty DeWooters and husband Michelle. Thank you both for food, taxis, car, maps, gas, house, and patience. See ya next year.

Headlining the Rockin' Country Festival set in the beautiful rolling hills of Liege, Belgium, we performed for thousands of French and Belgian Hillbillies and were in the company of Europe's premier country bands.

As the sun came up on our final day, we pryed ourselves away from an all night Jambalaya jam session and headed home. At the DFW Airport, we discovered someone's month-old Beaumont crawfish in the R.V. microwave. If you have any information leading to the arrest and conviction of the owner, there is a reward. All calls will remain anonymous.

* flea

How To Get On The Radio: 101

Have you heard our latest single? It's all about cheesecake and it's climbing the charts. (We've been writing and recording the Tippin's Restaurant & Pie Pantry radio jingles).

[Photo caption: The original Cowboy's Sweetheart, Patsy Montana]

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Dixie Chicks Show Dates

Watch your local newspaper for additional listings. In fact, send us anything that shows up in your area. We travel fast, and often miss mentions and articles. For Calendar Updates Please Call (214) 233-9124 [now 972 area code - rb] [September 1995 through February 1996 displayed. Full schedule later, highlights below]


1-4 Minnesota State Fair
St. Paul, MN Bandshell Stage

(remainder of schedule coming soon)

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Did You Know?

Our guitar player, Tommy Nash, got his first guitar (a Harmony) at the tender age of 8. Then under the strict tutelage of big brother John, between bowls of Fruit Loops, he honed his skills and by age eleven he was playing in bars and air bases camouflaged behind a large bass amp.

He met his wife-to-be at age 16, married at 20 and had four children. He toured with Red Steagall, Moe Bandy, Janie Frickie, and Ray Price.

His musical influences range from Django Reinhardt to Bob Wills to Motown with a Beatle or two in between. But his greatest influence is his beautiful Choctaw Indian Mother, Marjorie Burris Nash. Welcome to Tribe Threechief, Tommy.

Granada Guinea Chicks

Come be in the live studio audence for a filming of a brand new T.V. show called Granada Live. We'll be featured in the pilot episode for a season of live taped performances from your favorite artists. Check our hotline (214-233-9124 [now 972 -rb]) for the upcoming date and details on how to get your tickets. Who knows, you might even get your mug on the tube!

Dixie Trivia

The true origin of the word Dixie is not from the famous line surveyed by Mr. Mason and Mr. Dixon, but from dix, French for ten, the denomination of a paper currency circulated in 19 th century New Orleans. It's also the minimum number of years required for paying dues in the music business.

"A man's work in a woman's band is never done." - Tom Van Schaik

[Photo: Three Chicks, three large watermelons. Laura seated on melon, center, flanked by the Erwins on their bellies on their melons. Caption: Your Melon-Choly Babies]

Chicks Boutique

Show the world that you love the Dixie Chicks!

[Here's a quick listing of the available items -rb]

  • Official Dixie Chicks T, "Nightingales O'The Prairie", Short Sleeve $15, Long Sleeve $20
    Fire Sale! Long Sleeve T $15
  • Buckin' Bronco T-Shirt, $15
  • "Shouldn't A Told You That" T-Shirt, $15

  • "Shouldn't A Told You That" CD $15, Cassette $10
  • "Little Ol' Cowgirl" CD $15, Cassette $10
  • "Thank Heavens For Dale Evans" CD $15, Cassette $10

  • Autographed Photos, $2
  • Swell Road Hat, $15
  • Rockin' DC Ranch Coloring Book, $2 or 3/$5 [that's half the previous newsletter's price -rb]

  • Just for li'l buckeroos! "I'm A Dixie Chicklete" T-Shirt, $8 or 3/$20

Don't miss any mailings of Chick Chat. Be on our official mailing list!

As we get bigger, so does our mailing list, now over 5,000. Sometimes we get confused, so we're putting together an official list & fan club membership. Get on it! You might still get the Chat if you don't, but you might not & we love you and don't want to miss you!

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[Photo caption: Scrabble Buddies: Hobie Hubbard and Mark Miller, of Sawyer Brown]

Our Life And Times

a poem by Laura and Tom

Truck stops    Blow Pops    Watch 'em do the bunny hop
Short stacks    Maniacs    Heart attach    Pay me back
Motel siz    Donut fix    Shakin' hands with all the chicks
State Fairs    Big Hair    Forgot to pack my underwear
High beams    Coffee cream    Road again    Chase the Dream
Oh no    Lube-n-go    Midas, Goodyear, Brake-o
Whiskerburns    Songs learned    Watchin' "As the World Turns"
Bad dreams    Mr. Clean    Runnin' out of Maybelline
Skeptics    Psychics    Colonel Sanders picnics
Wine corks    Lots of dorks    Have you seen my tuning fork
How are you    Who are you    How are you    Who are you
End of show    Bazooka Joe    Nice to meet you, gotta go!

Editor's Notes:

In October, 1995, Laura left the group. See the next issue for her farewell note... and some quotes from other sources that go a little deeper.

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Transcribed by Robert Brooks. Grammar and structure are from the original, but typos and misspellings are probably my own fault.

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