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Hear the Dixie Chicks

Can't afford to go on a Dixie Chicks spending spree? You can now hear choice cuts from the Dixie Chicks old and new discography!

  • TwangCast
    "If it's good and it is rooted in tradition, it deserves to be heard and TwangCast aims to be the place for that to happen." -- Mike Hays

    One of my goals has been to give people a chance to hear the Dixie Chicks acoustic legacy for themselves. Dozens of the Chicks' new fans have snapped up the few remaining copies of the pre-Sony releases. But now, everyone can hear the "Old Chicks" sound thanks to Mike Hays, a Country Music DJ who got fed up with the restrictions of commercial broadcasting and created TwangCast.com, an online 24/7 live broadcast dedicated to music with "Twang and Quality."

    The Dixie Chicks' sounds, both new and old, fit Hays' definition of Quality perfectly, and the TwangCast playlist includes eight cuts from the Dixie Chicks' indie releases! This is the fulfillment of a dream I've had since I took my tape of Little Ol' Cowgirl to the radio station in Pawhuska, Oklahoma... get the Chicks on the air. Mike Hays has done it, and you won't want to miss the rest of his playlist, either -- it includes a track or two from Wide Open Spaces that would otherwise never see daylight.


  • KHYI 95.3 "The Range"
    Request Line: 972-633-0953 (then press 3 to talk to the air staff)
    Join the (unofficial) KHYI Fans' Discussion List! To subscribe, send a note to: khyi-fans-subscribe@egroups.com

    KHYI 95.3 FM is a station on the northern fringe of the Dallas/Ft Worth area, with its transmitter north of McKinney and headquarters in the North Dallas suburb of Plano. In their words, they play both Country *and* Western -- tracks from alt.country artists like Bad Livers, Lucinda Williams, and Whiskeytown, plus classics from Tom T. Hall, Johnny Cash, and Merle Haggard.

    And they also play tracks from all four Dixie Chicks releases! The first day I listened, I heard Pink Toenails for the first time ever on the radio. Later in the afternoon, they played the current Top 10 hit Tonight, The Heartache's On Me. The next day, I called up and requested She'll Find Better Things To Do... they played it within ten minutes!

    KHYI 95.3 FM According to the info on their web site, KHYI "The Range" is owned by an alumnus -- refugee might be a better word -- of the Chancellor Media mega-broadcasting empire. The air staff has roots in Dallas and Texas independent radio, including community station KNON. You may recognize KNON from my Discography page as one of the only stations to put the Chicks in rotation before they hit big... and the DJ behind that station's "Super Roper Redneck Radio" is now on the staff of KHYI.

    If you're in the Dallas area -- anywhere from northeast Tarrant County on up to the Red River -- tune them in at 95.3 FM. If you can't pick them up -- most of Ft. Worth may be outside their range -- you can tune them in on their 'net broadcast. In fact, KHYI and TwangCast.com make the perfect online alt.country combination: while KHYI is a regular radio station with DJs and a request line, TwangCast strips it down to nothing but the music. Choose yer poison!

  • The Dixie Chicks' other Hometown Stations
    Every country station in the world plays the Dixie Chicks now -- that happens when you spend eight weeks at #1 -- but these are the mainstream country stations in Dallas, the town the Dixie Chicks call home. They don't play the old stuff anymore, but they're the ones to call to request the latest release or an album cut like Let 'Er Rip.


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